TaxMileage serves will no longer be available after October 1st 2021. Users will no longer be able to access the trips data. We are unlocking the download/export functionality for free, and recommend all users to download their data prior to this date.

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Increases your mileage reimbursement return
Users often forget to log the important data of a trip in their mileage log notebook and become unable to collect reimbursement or re-produce in detail the data required of a specific trip. The taxmileage solution is pre-configuring to help user to capture the most important information on a trip, avoid risk of rejections and increase reimbursement return.
Never misses or lose a mileage reimbursement
A paper mileage log notebook can be misplace or lost, and put at risk the ability of a user to seek reimbursement. The taxmileage application captures the trip data in real time and immediately stores the information in the taxmileage servers. The user will have a backup of your mileage reimbursement report store electronically for easy access.
Generate faster mileage reimbursement reports
An employee or citizen often will have to manually transform the data contain in their mileage log notebook into an excel spreadsheet, or another electronic format, to generate a formal final report to fulfill a reimbursement requirement. The taxmileage solution captures the data electronically and enable user to export the data to an excel spreadsheet or PDF for easier manipulation, and generation of a reimbursement report.
One central log for corporate and government needs
A user will often have to maintain multiples mileage logs notebooks for different cost centers. Usually, one for personal miles to be submitted to the IRS and another one for each organization they work for. The taxmileage solution enables user to electronically centralize their miles reimbursement management efforts by categorizing in real time the purpose of a trip and the cost center it's associated with.
Reduces corporate reimbursement rejections and IRS audits
An incomplete or inaccurate reimbursement millage report can be rejected or trigger an IRS audit. Taxmilage improves the reimbursement millage report accuracy, acceptance and assist users to provide information required in a potential IRS audit.

Ease of use

The taxmileage solution helps organizations, real state agents and accountant firms to standardize reports among their employees or customers to produce effective standard reports.

  • Register multiple sources of reimbursements
  • Register multiple vehicles
  • Add a trip/expense purpose
  • Generate a report

Cost effective

  • An average taxpayer can save up to $2,500 dollars every year in mileage’s tax return.

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